I’m The Matt and I make the things on this website. If you continue to read this, you will learn things about me and my brand. If that seems boring, click here

I was born in New Jersey, home of big hair and Bon Jovi and quickly whisked away to North Carolina because, well, big hair and Bon Jovi. I spent my youth playing in the woods and sometimes being made fun of for being a ginger. The rugged wilderness of suburban Charlotte and the bullies of my youth toughened me up and turned me into the snarky, hand-crafter I am today.

Hours of watching Saved by the Bell inspired dreams of someday becoming the ginger Zack Morris. Upon realizing that was absurd, I went to college to become a teacher. During my first year teaching, I took a printmaking class at a community art center and was like “THIS IS REALLY COOL.” Three years later, I quit teaching to pursue printmaking full time. #terrifying

SPOILER ALERT! I’m still slinging prints 4 years later! After a quick stint in the swamp that is Washington DC, I’m now based in Berkeley, California, the epicenter of liberalism and drum circles. But don’t worry, all the sharing of feelings and hand-holding haven’t softened me too much. My work is still chock-full of snark and wit. And, unlike this About Me page, I take it very seriously.

The subjects of my prints and greeting cards are influenced by my sense of humor and love of Southern culture, bikes, and typography. Writing is the most fun and difficult part of creating new designs. I try to keep it clever and witty but sometimes genuine emotions are important, too. I hope to create work that makes people smile and laugh their asses off.

Each linocut print I make is created using a linoleum block that I carve with tools I inherited from my grandfather. I sign and number each hand-made print. The pressure created by the etching press leaves an impression in the American-made cotton paper that adds depth and character.

My greeting cards are letterpress printed in Florida by the super talented team at Mama’s Sauce Print Shoppe. Whether it be birthdays, anniversaries, a wedding, or the holidays, I aim to create cards that are snarky and witty but also appropriate to the occasion and only slightly offensive to your grandmother.

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